about healing arts

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The Healing Arts is a group of various practitioners and teachers that include; Reiki, PSYCH-K, Therapeutic Touch, Aromatherapy Massage, Yoga, Meditation to name a few. There is a Spirit and Medical Renaissance emerging as we move into the era of health practice and away from disease management. The focus of this new evolving industry is on the Mind/Body/Spirit connection and the role they play on our physical, mental and emotional health. The various treatments are designed to induce a state of relaxation.

Relaxation is not an indulgence. It is vital to the well-being of the various systems that govern our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Practitioners in the Healing Arts offer a variety of deep, yet gentle, treatments in the form of physical, energy, light and informative healings. Reiki, Crystal Energy, Holistic Massage, Reflexology, PSYCH-K, and Reconnective Healing are just a few of the diverse treatments available.

Services are provided in a private, calm and relaxed environment to help you attain that level of body rebalancing and tranquility.

Treatments are designed to provide an opportunity to do the deep work of listening, letting go and surrendering to the timeless wisdom of the Higher Self. By releasing the stress and tension held in the body, mind and spirit, practitioners facilitate the body's natural self-healing mechanisms.