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Optimize Your Adrenals Talk w/ Dr. Karolina Jurkowski ND

Start Time: 630-730pm

Cost: Free

To Register: To reserve your spot please e-mail e-mail

Location: Unit #175 - 1303 Country Rd. 22 Lakeshore, ON

Avoid the rush & energy drain of the holidays by supporting your adrenal glands. Dr. Karolina Jurkowski, ND will chat about the HPA axis, adrenal glands, & the effects of chronic stress on your health. Learn about adaptogens, foods & nutrients to support adrenal health.


Chrystal Regnier Angel Healing Sessions

Start Time: Between 12-7pm

Cost: See service for cost

To Register: Please contact Chrystal 519-436-9596 to book

Location: Unit #175 - 1303 Country Rd. 22 Lakeshore, ON

Chrystal Regnier
Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master Teacher, Hypnotherapist

Half Hour Angel Reading: Your angels are always with you and they have powerful and loving guidance and messages for you. Hear the loving messages your angels have for you regarding relationships, career and finances, life purpose, health, and other life areas. A very personal and positive experience! Chrystal Regnier is an Angel Therapy Practitioner® trained by Doreen Virtue, PhD. Join her for your 30 minute private session. $50

Healing Session: (Reiki and Angel Therapy Combined). An hour long Therapeutic Angel Session combined with a full Reiki Treatment. Angel Therapy is a healing method that involves working with a person’s guardian angels and the archangels to heal and harmonize every aspect of life. Among many other benefits, Reiki energy releases blocked energy, cleanses the body of toxins and re-establishes a state of emotional balance. A very powerful healing session for body, mind, and soul. A peaceful experience $65

Mediumship Session: Connect with your deceased loved ones. A healing experience. You may also connect with your loved ones during the angel reading. 30 min session $50

Past Life Regression: Release fears, phobias, patterns, chronic medical conditions and blocks on a conscious and unconscious level as we travel through lifetimes to the root of the specified issue. Profound healing in all directions of time. One hour and fifteen minutes. $100

The Chakra and Gemstone Reading: Includes a detailed personal reading, an in depth look at each of your major chakras, Chakra balancing and clearing, and a list of the gemstones and crystals specific to your personal healing needs. Informative and relaxing. One hour session. $90


Pendulum and Muscle Testing Workshop with David Broad

Start Time: 3-6pm

Cost: $50

To Register: R.S.V.P. with David emailing davidbroadrmt@gmail or texting 519-996-3338

Location: 1303 Country Rd. 22 Emeryville Lakeshore, ON, Unit #175

Get an insight into the amazing world of the subconscious mind using simple techniques of muscle testing and pendulums. You will learn how to use a pendulum with purpose to clear, balance and integrate the chakras. As a bonus we will review multipe ways to use muscle testing techniques for yourself, others and at a distance.

Energy workers are encouraged to go, experienced or not everyone will benefit from this workshop.

Bring water, a pendulum if you have one, pen and notepad, dress comfortable.

This is a yoga studio so shoes will be left at the door, bring indoor slippers if necessary.


Mindful Living Purposeful Life with Nancy Kelly RN

Start Time: 7pm-9pm

Cost: $45

To Register: Please contact Nancy Kelly RN 519-996-1100 or

Location: Unit #175 - 1303 Country Rd. 22 Lakeshore, ON

Join Nancy Kelly RN, introducing the concept of mindful living and the exploration of what your purpose in life means to you. Embrace mindfulness and spiritual wisdom through teaching meditation practice and exploring techniques to let go of core beliefs.

Bring an open mind, open heart, a notebook & pen. There will be handouts also.


Reiki Training Level 1 & 2 with Brandi Rivait

Start Time: 4wks Tues 645-930pm

Cost: $395 +tax ($50 deposit must be placed a week before start date)

To Register: Contact Brandi to register 519.567.8841

Location: Lakeshore MedArts 1303 Country Rd. 22 Emeryville Lakeshore, ON

Reiki Training Level 1 & 2:

Tuesday evenings 645-930 for 4 weeks

Integrative Healing & Yoga
Unit #175
Lakeshore MedArts 1303 Country Rd. 22 Emeryville Lakeshore, ON

Details of Training:

-history of Usui reiki & reiki symbols
-students will receive a reiki training manual & pendulum
-weekly homework self healing & healing assignments
-detailed explanation of chakra system
-pendulum work & practice
-reiki hand placements
-healing exchanges
-animal & child reiki healing
-group healing exchanges
-weekly self healing
-distance healing

$350 +tax ($50 deposit must be placed a week before start date)


Angels and Archangels 101

Start Time: 1-4pm

Cost: $75

To Register: Call Chrystal 519-436-9569

Location: 1303 Country Rd. 22 Emeryville Lakeshore, ON, Unit #175

An overview of the angelic realm, connecting with our angels, signs from the angels, their healing properties, and detailed discussions of what our angels help us with in all areas of our life. An inspirational and educational seminar about these beings of pure light and love. Get acquainted with and strengthen your relationship with your angels with the help of an Angel Therapy Practitioner ®, trained by Doreen Virtue, PhD.

Chrystal Regnier
Reiki Master Teacher & Angel Therapy Practitioner®

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